Alex Manley

inveterate jaywalker, aspiring rap ghostwriter,
pun wizard. editor by day, party avoider by night.
one day i'll get a dog & name it baby bok choy.

Selected Works

The Puritan Poem (2017) Poem (2017)
Carte Blanche Poem (2017)
Rob McLennan Interview (2017)
AELAQ Podcast (2017)
Metatron Poetry Collection (2016)
Peach Magazine Story (2016)
Bad Nudes Poems (2016)
Viral Pizza Tweet (2016)
Puritan Interview (2016)
Maisonneuve Articles (2011-2016)
Powder Keg Poem (2015)
HTMLGiant Book Review (2014)
Electric Cereal Poem (2014)
The Fanzine Book Review (2014)
Metatron Essay (2014)
Human Parts Essay (2014)
Everyday Genius Poem (2014)
Banango Street Poem (2014)
Shabby Doll House Story (2013)

Contact Points

Alex Manley